Doctor Pedro Cuevas is a general Surgeon and Proctologist at the Ángeles Lomas Hospital and the José María Roma Hospital in Mexico City, a Medicine graduate from ITESM, one of Mexico’s leading universities. He specialized in Laparoscopic Surgery at the Texas Endosurgery Institute and in Colorectal surgery at UNAM.

Dr. Cuevas is a Hernia Specialist, as such, he has ample experience with abdominal wall repair surgery, in which a mesh is placed over the weak spots in the muscles to reduce strain on the abdominal tissues and prevent recurrence. This procedure, useful when dealing with inguinal and umbilical hernias, is usually done through a laparoscopy, as the recovery is faster and the patient can return to work and other physical activities, such as intense exercise. As a General surgeon, he is an expert in gallbladder surgery, appendicitis, acute and chronic abdominal pain, celiac disease and emergency treatment for acutely ill and trauma paeties.

Through his experience as a colorectal surgeon he has also specialized in anal warts, fistulas and hemorrhoid treatment and fecal incontinence, as well as colorectal cancer treatment.

Dr. Pedro Cuevas has cared for many foreigners, including english and german speakers in Mexico City.



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Coloproctología y Piso Pélvico

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Colon, Recto y Ano

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